10 minute cardio workout!

I have had the opportunity to work with Tiffany over at feelgreatin8.com, and I wanted to share with you the latest project!

Over at Feel Great in 8, you can enter health challenges to help you stick to your fitness goals. At the end of each challenge you can earn ca$h for reaching your goals!  

This 10 minute workout is a bonus challenge that I put together for the 3-week challenge.  I’ve also used this in personal training sessions.  It is a great workout that gets the heart pumping and the fat melting! 🙂

There is a printable for this workout as well:

click here to get your FREE printable:  FG8 10 minute cardio workout

This workout was put together using the new game called HIIT The Deck!  There are 35 cards in the deck.  You have the option of using all the cards for a total body workout, or you can pick cards to put your own personalized workout together.  These workouts are good for beginner athletes all the way to advanced athletes!

Yellow cards: Upper Body and Core

Pink cards: Cardio

Green Cards: Lower Body

You can use a timer to pick the length of workout you would like to do.  I like the app called GymBoss.  It is free, and you can adjust the timer to fit your needs.

The 10-minute cardio workout is a great workout.  I chose to do the full minute for each exercise and repeat.  Give it a try and let me know what you think! 🙂

The card game will be available for purchase soon!  Purchase HITT THE DECK here!

HIIT THE DECK Feel Great in 8 card game!


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