The Orange Cupcake


My kids like to hear a story before I put them to bed at night.  So last night, they got to hear a story about an orange cupcake.  Why an orange cupcake you may ask? 🙂  Well, because I saw a cupcake wrapper used in one of their art projects out the corner of my eye – so I went with it. (Sorry kids, that’s just what parents do.)


Once upon a time there was an orange cupcake.  The orange cupcake knew he was invited to go to a party and was excited to go.  The orange cupcake started looking around at the other cupcakes around him.  All of the other cupcakes were pink.


The orange cupcake started to ask questions like:  Why am I the only one?  Why am I so different?  How come I can’t look like everyone else?

Pretty soon it was time to go into the party.  Soon all the children grabbed a cupcake.  They all picked pink cupcakes!  How embarrassing!  The orange cupcake was all by itself!  The orange cupcake felt all alone, he could feel everyone’s eyes on him.  Soon he felt something placed on top of his frosting, and then he started to hear the children singing.


…It was a candle.  It was the #10.


The orange cupcake learned that the birthday girl’s favorite color was orange, and he was picked to show how important the little girl was on her birthday.  The orange cupcake learned that he was at the party for a reason, and that it was good to be himself.


We all play a special part.  BE YOU!




Have a great day!  This is just something I wanted to share 🙂





Hungry Hungry Hippo – The New Hunger Game

Do you remember the Hungry Hungry Hippo game?  It was a popular kids game in the 80’s and 90’s.  It was a lot of fun to play.  The goal of the game is to get as many marbles into your hippo as fast as possible.  It was a game that didn’t require a lot of thought and a fast hand.

When you think about it, there are times when we stand in our kitchen with little to no thought and a fast hand just like the game.  Except the rules have changed. We don’t want to eat as much as we possibly can.  We want to make good choices and feel satisfied.

So how do we outsmart this Hungry Hungry Hippo game in the kitchen and in life?  

 Here are a few tips to try:

Step #1 Sleep 

Sleep is so important.  Try to get at least 6-8 hours a night.  It will save you up to 500 calories the next day.  Not getting enough sleep is a major factor when it comes to hunger and making good food choices.

Step #2 Water

Have a glass of water… or two! Not having enough water or being dehydrated can make the body feel like it’s hungry.

Water makes you feel full and tells your brain it’s not hungry but dehydrated.

Try to get 2 or more quarts of water a day for women and 3 or more quarts of water for men.

Step #3  Fill up on Greens

If you have tried step one and step two and you still find yourself hungry for more.  Try a healthy salad. There are vegetables such as spinach, bell peppers, mushrooms, and other leafy green vegetables that are considered “free foods”.

We all have hungry times and it’s how we react in those times that make all the difference.  Try to remember these steps to avoid over-eating on those hungry days. Avoid Eating When You Are Bored Stop Being Hungry Quickly Sleeping Calories Eat Study

Do You Sit More Than 6 Hours A Day?

New research shows that even if you work out every day, you still need moderate activity throughout the day. For those who sit for more than 6 hours a day, it is shown to put you at greater risk for heart disease, type 2 diabetes and premature death.

Advantages of moving

Getting up and moving around helps burn more calories. Standing an extra hour a day will burn 50 calories. That is 350 extra calories a week, 1400 calories a month and around 5 pounds a year in weight loss.

Along with the additional calorie burn, the health benefits include: lower cholesterol, stronger heart, lower risk of type 2 diabetes and the added benefit of a more positive attitude thanks to the increase in dopamine.

How to get more physical activity throughout the day

• Take the stairs, not the elevator
• Visit a co-worker in person instead of sending that email
• Stand at your desk
• Take a walk on your lunch break
• Clean up your workspace
• Wear comfortable shoes so you want to walk more
• Use hand weights at your desk
• Do some stretches

When it comes down to it

Sitting too long is not good for you, no matter your fitness level. Moving throughout the day is beneficial to your overall health.

Science Daily. “Even Physically Active Women Sit Too Much, Study Finds”
International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 2012; 9 (1): 122 DOI: 10.1186/1479-5868-9-122.
Am. J. Epidemiol. (2010) 172 (4): 419-429.

Survey Results

1.  What is your favorite time of day to workout?

1- 7:00 pm
2- 6:00 am
3- 6:00 pm
4- 8:00 am

2.  What workout clothes fit you best?

1- Nike
2- Athleta
3- Lulu
4- Gap

3.  Would you be interested in a community page on this website?

Yes 75%
Maybe 25%
No 0%

4.  What is your favorite fitness app?

1- My Fitness Pal
3- Calorie King

5.  Would you be interested in a weekly yoga class?

Yes 70%
Maybe 20%
No 10%

6.  Would you be interested in weekly meal plans and workouts?

Yes 97%
Maybe 3%
No 0%

What Are People saying about the Fitness Challenges?

Here is what people shared about the last challenge:

I am so glad I took part in this because it taught me to snack and eat healthier! I really enjoyed all the recipes!!

I feel better and lost some of the extra baby weight!

My pants feel bigger!

I felt good about eating the healthy foods!

feel great I love not being hungry

better control

It felt really good to fit into jeans that didn’t fit so good this spring.

I have more energy and my back doesn’t hurt as bad.

I am feeling smaller and I was able to fit into my smaller jeans again.

Definitely happier and smiling more.

I feel less stressed and its now a lot easier to eat healthy. I’m.not craving the sweets like I used to!

look better in jeans!

I had to buy 1 size smaller in skirt.

glad to lose 2 lb.

The healthier I become, the more energy I have.

My clothes are fitting better.

I feel better about myself.

I will eat the food!!!

So…. I was so excited to weigh myself this week because I felt so good, ate good, exercised hard every day, clothes felt looser, just felt all around good!

Noticing more muscle tone

I feel happy and healthy!

stomach feels flatter

Notice clothes getting a little loose.

Not craving sweets so much anymore.

I like that my face look thinner no double chin. 🙂

I have more energy.
I’m happy with the number going down on the scale. My pants fit better – I don’t feel so bloated.

🙂 All good here.

I feel VERY motivated to do the right things. I feel full and happy that I’m doing the right things (and getting results).

body feels cleaner

feeling good