Success Story: Chelsey S.

Chelsey S.

I want you to meet my friend Chelsey.  Isn’t she a cutie? 🙂  She has been so consistent with her food and workouts.  I asked her to share what keeps her motivated.


1. What started your motivation?

My kids. I realized it was getting hard to keep up with them with the weight I had put on. I didn’t want my weight to hold back making memories with them.

2. Favorite recipe or healthy food?
I love salads and greens.
3. Pounds lost?
45 lbs
4. Tips to avoid cravings?
Don’t completely deprive yourself. I found if I told myself no sweets if I gave in I would end up binging. Instead, I let myself have sweets in moderation and alter the type. Like having light and fit greek yogurt with strawberries it’s sweet but healthy and much healthier than a bowl of ice cream.
5. Any advice for others?
Take it day by day and set weekly goals instead of 1 big goal. If you have one bad day just try better the next day. Keep your goals realistic and focused on yourself. Getting healthy is really a lifestyle change not a diet for a short period of time. You will never keep results if you don’t make long-term changes.
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Chelsey and I, along with others, will be doing the Butts and Guts challenge starting May 9th.  Join us for a great group challenge! 🙂